D. Vulcanov – On Cosmologies with non-Minimally Coupled Scalar Field and the “Reverse Engineering Method”

B. Nikolic – Renormalizability of the D-Deformed Wess-Zumino Model

L. Jonke – A Twisted Look on Kappa-Minkowski: U(1) Gauge Theory

N. Bilic – Supersymmetric Dark Energy

W. Kinney – Scale-Invariant Perturbations: is Inflation the only Way?

L. Perivolaropoulos – Topological Quintessence

G. Senjanovic – Neutrino Paradigm and LHC

R. Sheth – The Phenomenology of Large Scale Structure

M. Nemevsek – Neutrino Mass and the LHC

B. Sazdovic – Noncommutativity and T-duality