B. Sazdovic – Noncommutativity and T-duality

R. Jimenez – Fundamental Physics from Astronomical Observations

A. Micu – Tests of Heterotic – F-Theory Duality with Fluxes

C. Germani – Sub-Planckian Higgs and Axionic Inflations

M. Haack – Nernst Branes in Gauged Supergravity

S. Sekmen (CMS) – Dark Matter Searches with the CMS Experiment at the LHC

T. Kono (ATLAS) – Latest Results on Searches for Dark Matter Candidates with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC

A. Morozov – Black Hole Motion in Entropic Reformulation of General Relativity

M. Zagermann – The Backreaction of Localized Sources and de Sitter Vacua

H. Partouche – Thermal Duality and non-Singular Superstring Cosmology