The SEENET-MTP School (21st ā€“ 26th August 2011)

The purpose of the School is to improve knowledge of the students and young researchers in the fields of the event. Lecturers will basically give 4 lectures, 45 minutes each as a rule, starting from an introductory level which should be gradually advanced. These lectures will be followed by tutorials/exercises. Expected number of School participants is 50.

The SEENET-MTP Workshop (27th ā€“ 31st August 2011)

The purpose of the Workshop is to foster and improve the communication among the researchers in the Balkan region and also between them and their colleagues elsewhere in the world and to give opportunity to the young researchers to present their recent results. The workshop talks should take 30-45 minutes. Expected number of Workshop participants is 40.

The first day of the Workshop will be devoted to the Scientific Legacy of Julius Wess, who was a great physicist and a dedicated supporter of physicists and scientists all over the world, one of the founders of the SEENET-MTP Network and the coordinator of the Scientific-Advisory Committee of the Network since 2003.